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About Me

About Me
Shamaraaaaat Harra
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I grew up and completed my college education at Sudan. But the really experiance and the carrier building journey started here at Saudia Arabia.
I remember my first Job was an assistant at a purchasing office at one of the companies, but a few time after that I got my first management position as a Logistics Manager, then a promotion Manager, then a duty manager for our Almadinah branch, then a sales manager for another company at Dammam and finally I work now as a consultant for one of the consultancy companies. I learned a lot since I came to Saudia Arabia, but I couldn't love body did.

Although the luxury life and the fair payment but life here is colorless and you feel like you’re in prison. I really really miss Sudan with all the ambivalences.


Wow, the memories of my lovely days at Sudan had just flashed infront of my eyes... where I went to school, my colledge, my home and all the wonderfull various places I've visited. I remembered my Mother, my Brother, my Aunts. I miss them all and I miss all the guys and soul mates Shihab, Yaser, Husam, Muhaned, Mazin, Akram, Tamer, Dalya, Tareq, Mahdey, Lovely Azza, Mona, Fadwa, Gada, Ashey, Adham, Ahmed, Haytham, Rehab, Rana, Razan I miss them all and I miss the days when we were all living at the same house at Burry. What a lovely Days, I wish if it can be back again.
I can't belive that I stayed away of Sudan for about 6 years.



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